Breast Prosthesis

The removal of a breast results in a posture imbalance that can affect your body alignment. This is why the correct choice of a breast prosthesis is so important. It should help restore balance to your body, as well as your silhouette for a natural look and feel.

Of all the materials available, silicone gel has proven to be the best choice for breast prothesis. It has the texture, pliability and other components that make the most natural breast prosthesis in regards to weight, color, movement and comfort. 

Terry's Medical Specialties carries the traditional full weight silicone-gel and the whipped light weight silicone breast prosthesis manufactured by Almost-u, American Breast Care Co., Amoena, Anita International, Classique, and Naturelwear by Trulife. 

Terry's Medical Specialties carries the latest technology in breast prosthesis, such as the attachable breast prosthesis from Amoena, Anita International, and Naturalwear by Trulife, the climate control breast prosthesis from Amoena, Naturewear by Trulife and the custom made breast prosthesis from Radiant Impressions.